What’s get? Oh…GIT. I don’t git it. Who’s on first?
As you will find, Git is no joke. Version control is paramount when professionally writing code, and Git is the go-to version control system for Ruby on Rails. The Git basics can be grasped quickly, but should not be taken for granted. Git also offers a much deeper and broader set of functionality that is extremely powerful, and can have a steep learning curve. This stack is dedicated to all things Git. Git commands, concepts, processes, Github, Git tools, resources, best practices, tutorials, etc.

Free course on how to contribute to an open source project

12/27/16  Public, Git

Great free course on how to contribute to an open source project. Includes all of the small, integral steps that are key to the contribution process.

Here are s...

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Sharing your GitHub SSH public key

10/16/15  Public, Git

Check if you have an SSH key by calling $ ls -al ~/.ssh. If you have these in there:


Then continue on. If not, follow the steps in the link at the bottom of the page.

1 - In your terminal, go to the root ...

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Change remote Git URL after forking a repository

10/13/15  Public, Git

After you have forked and cloned the repository:

$ cd into-the-repository
$ git remote set-url origin

So for example, if your GitHub username is hpjaj, and the repo is holo-alfa, h...

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Git squash and merge two commits into one

08/13/15  Public, Git

$ git rebase --abort
$ git rebase --interactive HEAD~2

If you want to squash all of the commits back to origin/master run: $ git rebase -i master


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Bring down a new Git branch from origin repo to your local repo

08/08/15  Public, Git

If there is a new branch out on the origin repo (in GitHub), and you do no have a copy of that branch in your local remote repo, here is what you will run to bring that copy down to your local remote repo:

$ git checkout master
$ git ...

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