Don’t. Touch. That. Mouse. Wait, what?
Great developers can type at the speed of thought. As you learn the craft, you’ll want to begin practicing keyboard shortcuts for the programs that you use. Any text editor. Any program. Any interface. What keyboard shortcuts do you want to remember to help you increase your productivity?

Sublime text - jump to top of tree

05/07/17  Public, Shortcuts

  1. control + 0 focuses on the tree
  2. cmd + up-arrow jumps to the top of the tree

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Expand out html tags in React jsx files using Emmet

02/18/17  Public, Shortcuts

control + e

turns span.blah into <span className="blah"></span>

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Shortcut for bringing up mission control in a Mac

01/16/17  Public, Shortcuts

control + up arrow

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Shortcut for highlighting URL in chrome

01/16/17  Public, Shortcuts

command + L

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Shortcut for pretty printing Active Record data in the rails console

03/28/16  Public, Command Line, Shortcuts, Tricks

In the rails console, when you run something like Post.all it returns all of the posts in one big continuous paragraph. A quick, low-rent shortcut to get these records to pretty print is to:

  • lead with a y

For example:


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